Mojo Games works with new partners to determine their goals in gaming. Whether it’s a new brand launch, an established brand’s expansion or a brick & mortar venturing online, our experienced team will create a customized plan of attack. We’ll even take it to the next level by including graphic, lingual, currency (real and play) and a myriad of other customizable options within each solution.
Integrated API
Recommended for existing operators looking to add their next product.

For existing operators looking for expand their current business, API Integration may be the perfect fit. API Integration offers a smooth approach for the addition of poker, casino and skill games to an existing product line-up.

At Mojo Games, API Integration allows the partner to maintain control and management of all player database information as well as cashier processing.

Recommended for new & emerging brands as well as premium brands making Mojo Games their next home.

All Mojo Games solutions are customizable, but none offer such flexibility as our Turnkey option. If you’re entering the e-gaming industry for the first time as a new start-up, an established brick & mortar, or are making Mojo Games your next network choice, this is likely the best choice for you.

Our team will discuss a tailor fit of course, but allow us to brief you on Turnkey’s benefits first. If you’d like to focus on strategic marketing versus administrative business, Turnkey gives you such a choice. Partners can opt to take care of their back-end operations or opt for Mojo Games or third party vendor to handle player database management and cashier operations.

There’s no pressure to customize your business to the maximum, but the opportunity is there if need be. Turnkey simply offers the most choice and flexibility, hands down.

Land Based
Mojo Games recognizes that online gaming is the new frontier for many brick & mortar operators. For those looking to make their move online, our Land Based solution is the best fit.

Our approach with this solution is collaborative. We’ll work with your team or provide guidance from an agency standpoint on integrated on and offline promotions, VIP reward programs and loyalty incentives.

Technically speaking, Mojo Games has adapted shared Player Accounts. Through Club Cashier we are able to provide land based card room and casino partners with the opportunity to securely fuse land and virtual Player Accounts. This allows for seamless online and offline deposits & withdrawals from a player’s perspective, and easy reconciliation on the operators end.


If you want to bounce around ideas to flesh out your hand, gaming strategy, our marketing agency is at your disposal.

We’ve compiled a group of experienced digital marketers, affiliate managers and online gaming strategists to help develop and direct your next business move. We’re happy to assist with all facets of marketing including player reporting, email campaigns, brand development and website builds.

At Mojo Games, we consider partners team members and open the floor to collaborative design of unique promotions, VIP programs and much, much more.

Customer Support
& Security

At Mojo Games, we know that keeping existing players is just as important as finding your next. That’s why our team is dedicated to maximizing each and every player’s experience at our tables.

Our Customer Care begins with a core support team available round the clock on live chat and email as well as an extended team devoted to maintaining a safe and secure gaming environment. As each service is customizable, we’ll serve as your main customer point of contact or a back-up if you’re caught off guard.